特別講義Vol. 13  The subtle and profound (幽玄)

The subtle and profound (幽玄) is one of the Japanese aesthetic spiritual stages, which values a shared sense of communication without speaking words immensely in the profound mood of tranquility.

It goes without saying that Japanese culture is a “homogeneous culture.” This peculiar homogeneousness Japan possesses has been gradually producing such profound spiritual stage from time immemorial.

Those people here in this modern Japanese society who deeply grasp the importance of spiritual richness consciously value what is called “virtue of suggestiveness” (余情の美徳). Suggestiveness makes us a sure possibility to communicate well with others and elegantly understand each of feelings mutually without speaking words abundantly. This means that you enjoy sharing time with others elegantly with few words at any moment based upon it.

It is obviously true that you are absolutely required to go through various experiences in life in order to grasp and refine virtue of suggestiveness as a sense of beauty yourself. In addition to that, you’ve got to be naturally sincere and thoughtful about what the person in front of you feels in his/her mind all the time.

As a meaningful experience here at this school, English Hills, Ginza for the sake of actualizing real cultivation in you, I’d like you to gracefully experience such gorgeousness of the subtle and profound in front of a candle in the lesson. It would be possible to grasp such gorgeousness yourself, if you are all set to enrich your spirit in accordance with the extraordinary instruction provided.

■”the subtle and profound”(幽玄)を理解するための英語音声講義
⇒ the subtle and profound(英語音声講義)