“Humility is only one remove from haughtiness.”(謙虚と傲慢は紙一重である。)

2018-09-10 |

“Humility is only one remove from haughtiness.”



It is said, “Humility is only one remove from haughtiness.” in the civilized world here on earth. In other words, “The line between humility and haughtiness is thin as a knife’s edge.”

As you know the following, I’m teaching this scientifically crucial matter at all times to those who seriously wish to build authentic culture here in this Ginza Sanctuary, Tokyo, Japan.

Everything regarding the quality of learning absolutely hinges upon you.

Whether you are intellectually sensitive or not regarding the difference between the two, 1) humility and 2) haughtiness decisively destines the quality and direction of your learning more than you ignorantly imagine.

Ironically speaking, it is also said, “Ignorance is bliss.” I hope you are successful in imagining and feeling this matter very much.