英語道弟子課程弟子・K.H.さんの出産祝いとして、東京湾が一望できる高層レストランで食事会を開催しました。・・・A disciple, Ms. K.H. had a graceful time with her instructor, Toshiyuki Namai as a celebration of her second delivery.

2015-11-12 |

A disciple, Ms. K.H. enjoyed sharing elegant time with her instructor at a restaurant.

このたび、毎日、限界の限界に挑み、「究極的な洗練」(the very sophistication of sophistication)を具現するべく、わたくし生井利幸の究極的指導の下で世界の学問・文化・芸術を学び続けている愛弟子のK.H.さんが、2人目のお子さんを生みました。


A disciple, Ms. K.H. who ardently studies at the Course for Disciples, Eigodo gave birth to a girl in August, 2015. Now, she and her husband take care of two children in her family.

Her instructor, Toshiyuki Namai celebrated her second delivery at a restaurant near Sumida River and Tokyo Bay. They really enjoyed drinking elegant champagne and eating excellent foods served at the restaurant through talking various matters.

Ms. K.H. has been enthusiastically studying sciences, cultures and arts in the world under the auspices of holy instruction her instructor austerely exercises for the sake of the development of her intellectuality and rationality. She doesn’t hesitate to take any action in order to pursue the essence and the absolute truth under her instructor’s extraordinary teaching method.

She absolutely enjoys studying scientific, cultural and artistic subjects variously at the Ginza Sanctuary and the Gallery in the Forest. Her instructor surely considers that she is one of his genuine disciples in his lifelong teaching mission.

Her instructor. Toshiyuki Namai received a wonderful present from Ms. K.H. as a token of her appreciation. It is a bottle of gracefully refined red wine produced in France. Ms. K.H. carefully chose the one as a token of her sincerity to him.

Ms. K.H. had a fresh and beautiful time on a roof garden of the restaurant under the sunlight. She could refresh her spirit by the beautifully shining sunlight very much.

The instructor received a present (a refined red wine produced in France) from Ms. K.H. out of her sincere gratitude.