The Importance of Feeling the Subtlety

2015-01-15 |

[特別講義]「国際的教養・品格を備えた英日バイリンガルへの道」にて、新教材、英語音声講義、“The Importance of Feeling the Subtlety”を掲載しました。

It goes without saying that it is absolutely crucial to grasp the “subtle difference” of those, 1) concept, 2) value and 3) interpretation regarding all of the matters you are experiencing and facing every day every night.

It is really effective to carefully listen to the voice lecture uploaded this time in order to profoundly imagine and delicately feel the siginificance of feeling and grasping the “subtlety” in all of the things you experience momentarily.

I can tell you that it might be really something meaningful in your substantial process to delicately refine a sense of beauty based upon listening to the voice lecture.

There is nothing nonsensical in doing so. You can find your entrance to enter for the sake of the refinement of a sense of beauty.