A disciple, Ms. K.H. beautifully continues her spiritual voyage with her instructor.

2014-09-02 |

A disciple, Ms. K.H., the course for disciples, Eigodo is now interested in appreciating more essential pieces of art for the sake of the subtilization of a sense of beauty. This time, Ms. K.H. received an extraordinary learning opportunity in order to genuinely appreciate a number of pictures at the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo with her instructor, Toshiyuki Namai in August, 2014.

The disciple, Ms. K.H. is absolutely all set to place herself in the presence of the essence and the truth. She has been ardently studying various matters scientifically, culturally and artistically under the aegis of the instructor. She deeply enjoyed appreciating those pictures which express the ideal and philosophy the painters possess in their spirituality at the museum.

It is very important to purify your spirit in order to genuinely appreciate artistic pieces. Ms. K.H. has been attempting to do it in these years. I’ve been seeing her “remarkable progress and development” in every lesson in the Ginza Sanctuary and in the Gallery in the Forest as well.

There shall be “no second” to waste every day every night. Time creeps on silently day after day. Ms. K.H. surely understands the value of time through attending the lessons extraordinarily.

The disciple, Ms. K.H. received a picture, “Mater Dolorosa” painted by Carlo DOLCI (1616-1687) from her instructor, Toshiyuki Namai, when she visited to appreciate the same, at the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo.

The instructor, Toshiyuki Namai received a bottle of refined French red wine from Ms. K.H. as a token of her gratitude.