the significance of lucubration

2013-10-11 |

The voice lecture titled “the significance of lucubration” was uploaded on the page of the Special Lectures.”

Lucubration means to study something very seriously every day every night. It goes without saying that all of the students here are aiming at mastering English, especially “elegant English.” As for you to think of the very best way to master elegant English, as I tell you at all times, all you need is “just a sweat.”

What you absolutely need is a “drop of perspiration” in your English study every day. I myself value a drop of perspiration highly the students enthusiastically make.

I’d like you to continue making your strenuous efforts to study English. You will experience “something wonderful” in your process to study it, if you continue doing so.

If you love English from the bottom of your heart, “English loves you a lot.”