レッスンにて体験・夏の贅沢・a shaved ice

The instructor, Toshiyuki Namai serves a shaved ice with some flavors for the sake of the students who enthusiastically study various academic matters in English here at the Ginza Sanctuary. The students shall be rationally stimulated through tasting a shaved ice. It would be surely cool for your brains not only physically but also mentally as well.





Spirit dramatically stimulated and upgraded(英語音声講義)



⇒ Spirit dramatically stimulated and upgraded (applicable in summer) Ⅰ(英語音声講義)

⇒ Spirit dramatically stimulated and upgraded (applicable in summer) Ⅱ(英語音声講義)

⇒ Spirit dramatically stimulated and upgraded (applicable in summer) Ⅲ(英語音声講義)


1 イチゴ
2 イチゴ・ミルク
3 イチゴ・バニラ
4 あずき・ミルク
5 イチゴ・ミルク・あずき
6 ミルク
7 カルピス



I’d like you to enjoy eating a shaved ice here in the Ginza Sanctuary. Ice will cool you comfortably.

You shall be rationally stimulated by a shaved ice the instructor makes for your sake.


かき氷は、講師が、レッスン(英語稽古)開始時に、心を込めて速やかに作ります。「氷かき器・体験」として、実際の道具を使って自分でかき氷を作ってみたい受講生・弟子は、その旨を自分から講師に伝えてください。童心に帰って自分で氷を削ってみると、「意味のない固定観念」から解放されます。”I’d like you to free yourself from your bondage.”

Ms. M.K. who has been studying under Toshiyuki Namai’s instruction ate a shaved ice he made out of his sincerity at the Ginza Sanctuary.

A new student, Mr. D.Y. possesses such a positive idea to experience something new courageously together with the instructor. The instructor is ready to do anything he can do for the sake of the students educationally here at this Ginza Sanctuary.

A passionate student, Ms. J.K. enjoyed feeling a cool mood through eating a shaved ice with her instructor. Ms. J.K. reached some sort of mental state upgraded by such charming opportunity at the Ginza Sanctuary. She has been quite successful in breathing rationally with her instructor on the condition that she freed herself from her bondage.

Ms. H.K. dramatically has been studying under the guidance of the instructor, Toshiyuki Namai since the year, 2008. Ms. H.K. wonderfully retrieved her “childish innocence”(童心) through tasting a shaved ice in the sanctuary she loves. She would be here or there to free herself from her bondage courageously based upon shaving and eating experience of what is called, “a shaved ice.”

My lovely disciple, Ms. T.A. got a very positive idea in order to share such a charming time with me in the Ginza Sanctuary. Those disciples and students who purify their spirit every day are tremendously successful in breathing, above all, the air saturated with rationality I produce here in this sanctuary at the risk of my life.

Mr. A.U. constructively shared such a charming time with his instructor, Toshiyuki Namai. Mr. A.U. already got his grim determination to pursue “what he needs” in his whole life. The instructor also got his grim determination to do anything for his intellectual sophistication at any cost. Mr. A.U. was encouraged to study more essential matters in the aegis of his instructor.

A disciple, Ms. M.U. enjoyed eating a shaved ice at the beginning of lesson. “Experience surpasses imagination.” She got a real experience to substantially free herself from the mental bondage in the Ginza sanctuary.